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Meet Kate of Gaia

Meet Kate of Gaia – Host At Legal Name Fraud Radio


Kate is a singer-songwriter, freelance journalist, researcher, writer and broadcaster.

Kate is dedicated to Truth.  

‘Kate of Gaia’ is synonymous with the term ‘Legal Name Fraud’, the truth of which Kate uncovered through diligent research.  

Via the Birth Certificate Registrations process humanity has been duped, with intent, and effectively enslaved into a fraudulent contract.

The expression ‘Lose The Name, Win The Game’ was coined by Kate and now there are countless numbers, worldwide, who are fully-aware of and living their lives ‘standing in’ this truth.

For a condensed look at the Legal Name Fraud and how humanity has been duped, read Kate’s essay:

Babylon Is Fallen

For more in-depth information read all of

Kate’s Writings.

Visit Kate’s Website Here


Here at Legal Name Fraud Radio, Kate and others discuss this and many other truths, 7 nights a week.




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